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Neuro: How we perceive the world in which we  operate

Linguistic: How we communicate our experience of the world to ourselves and others (through Speech (seven per cent), physiology (fifty five per cent) and tone of voice (thirty eight per cent)

Programming: How we construct mental strategies to create / change our world and create results. How we programme ourselves to achieve results for ourselves and our relationships

The definition of NLP by Dr Richard Bandler (2008) , co-creator of NLP:

 "NLP is an attitude , methodology, and technology that teaches people how to improve the quality of their lives. It is an educational tool that teaches people how to communicate more effectively with themselves and others. It is designed to help people have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave."

Richard Bandler states that NLP is more than just  techniques. It is a curiosity about how people can accomplish what they actually set out to do. It is also a methodology that assists you in discovering those thinking and communication patterns that prevent you from being successful and shows you how to achieve the results and outcomes you want.

What is NLP?